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Team building in NYC

Do you want to bring your team together, promote teamwork and create long-term working relationships? Book your team building in NYC at Pottery Studio 1. Your group will communicate, have fun and create their own ceramic products that they can use for years to come.
Do you want to try pottery or ceramics classes but have not tried it before?

Not a problem! 90% of our customers have no experience whatsoever.

● No long-term commitment
● No enrollment fees
● No membership needed
Welcome to one of the coolest corporate events in NYC!

Corporate event program at POTTERY STUDIO 1

Have fun, chat and relax. Plenty of time for refreshments, socializing and pictures.
Collect your finished products after they have been dried and fired. Products are individually packaged and can be collected 2-4 weeks after your event.
Our 2-hour corporate events accommodate 4 - 30 guests and include a creative program, a professional host and time to mingle. Everyone will finish the event with new memories, skills and clay masterpieces!

Book a time that works for you!

Morning: 10 am; 12 pm;

Day: 2 pm; 4 pm;

Evening: 6 pm; 8 pm

Check our availability!

Get the creative juices flowing: your team will come together, relax and have fun. Suitable for all ages and professions.
Your employees will potter, sculpt and paint together with an enthusiastic instructor in team building in NYC . Each guest will create 1-2 ceramic pieces based on their own designs (cup, bowl, candlestick, vase, planter etc.).

Check out our corporate events in NYC!

A detailed program of your corporate event in NYC:
  • 1. Introduction
    Meet your instructor! Choose what you will make from a collection of samples or your own imagination.
  • 3. Decorate the product
    3. Put a personal touch into your work.
  • 2. Work on a potter’s wheel
    Learn how to throw on a potter’s wheel and make 1-2 pieces of pottery at your team building in NYC.
  • 4. Paint it
    You can choose the colors and patterns yourself.

Welcome to corporate events in NYC!

Price: $100 per guest

We can accommodate 4-30 guests

TIME: 2 hours

Easy to calculate:

Pottery class 100$ per person;

Pottery class + painting 120$ per person.

  • Renting the studio for 2 hours in corporate events in NYC!
  • A professional host who will lead the creative process.
  • A two-hour lesson in pottery, hand-building and painting.
  • Glazing and firing
  • Take your work home. The products will be safe for food and drinks!
  • Refreshments: tea, coffee, water.
  • Protective aprons, clay, paints, pottery wheels and tools.
  • Paper tableware, napkins, plastic cutlery, a corkscrew and a tablecloth.
  • Unique atmosphere in the pottery studio
  • Bring your own photographer or videographer.
  • The ability to bring your own food and drinks with you. 
  • Free time for celebration: refreshments, contests, and dancing at our corporate events in NYC
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