Welcome to children’s school excursion in NYC!

School Field Trips in NYC

Looking for a creative idea for your classroom? At Pottery Studio 1 your students will create amazing works of art that will nurture their creativity and artistic talents.
Do you want to try pottery or ceramics classes but have not tried it before?

Not a problem! 90% of our customers have no experience whatsoever.

● No long-term commitment
● No enrollment fees
● No membership needed

School Field Trips in New York:

We are open:
Morning: 10 am; 12 pm;
Day: 2 pm; 4 pm;
Evening: 6 pm; 8 pm
We can accommodate up to 30 people
Children will not only learn about ceramics and clay firing but also to throw on a potter's wheel and paint and decorate their finished products.
Get their creative juices flowing!
Complete freedom to be creative! Your students will design every aspect of their product: from the colour and shape to decoration and function.
Disclosure of creative potential
Several lesson plans to choose from: One-off classes, subscriptions and courses are all available. Welcome to school field trips in NYC!
Finished products can be collected 2-4 weeks after the lesson
They will be safe for food and drinks or can be kept as a memento.
Have an experience to remember!
The price is all-inclusive: instructors, materials, firing and glazing of finished products are all included in the price.

Check out what school field trips in NYC 1 look like

Fun children’s school excursion in NYC

Welcome to school field trips in NYC

The price is all-inclusive: instructors, materials, firing and glazing are all included.

These masterpieces were made by children in just 1 lesson!

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At children’s school excursion in NYC will…
  • have fun
  • friendly atmosphere
  • have an interesting experience
  • develop artistic skills
  • develop fine motor skills
  • learn to concentrate/focus
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