Pottery class for beginners in NYC

Mug making class in NYC

For new impressions — here! Every day, the pottery studio hosts some of the pottery class in NYC for beginners. Both adults and children from three years old can create. Participants are not limited in ideas in any way and in one lesson they manage to create their own unique mug. Experienced master ceramists teach the art of making author's tableware.

At the class for beginners , a child and an adult can make a mug themselves which can be used in future. Fun and interesting. The mug will remind you of an unusual date. This is a unique gift for your sweetheart.

Do you want to try pottery or ceramics classes but have not tried it before?

Not a problem! 90% of our customers have no experience whatsoever.

● No long-term commitment
● No enrollment fees
● No membership needed

 Create your own author's dishes!

We work from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Morning: 10 am; 12 pm;

Day: 2 pm; 4 pm;

Evening: 6 pm; 8 pm

Check availability!

Fun, creativity, new skills and relaxation await you.
Our classes are taught by experienced teachers who will inspire you, engross you in the process and teach you new things.
Finished products can be picked up at the studio after firing. 
Make usable tableware or clay sculptures in just 1 lesson. Create a mug, bowl, candle holder, vase or plate of your own design.

One-time pottery class NYC

If you have a company of more than 5 people, we will offer you private pottery class for beginners in NYC

Mug making class in NYC!

Examples of what you can make in a 2-hour class:

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Mug making class in NYC

Try something really cool and unusual!
We can offer:
Take your work home. The products will be safe for food and drinks!
Protective aprons, clay, paints, pottery wheels and tools.
Try yourself as a potter in one lesson and make your own craft
The ability to bring your own food and drinks with you.
Fun, creativity, new skills and relaxation await you.
Glazing and firing the finished pieces

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