Fun ceramic class in downtown Brooklyn

Pottery class in downtown Brooklyn

If you have a creative potential and a rich imagination, then pottery created with your own hands at the ceramics class in downtown Brooklyn can join the ranks of souvenir products, and dishes and jewelry are always useful in household use. You will be able to turn a piece of clay into a masterpiece, which is essentially a unique creation of your hands. In addition, clay is an ideal material, thanks to which it is possible to develop finger motor skills, which is especially useful for children. So call and sign up for a pottery class in downtown Brooklyn!
Do you want to try wheel throwing, but have not tried it before?

Not a problem! 90% of our customers have no experience whatsoever.

● No long-term commitment
● No enrollment fees
● No membership needed

Welcome to pottery class in downtown Brooklyn

We work from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Morning: 10 am; 12 pm;

Day: 2 pm; 4 pm;

Evening: 6 pm; 8 pm

Check availability!

Fun, creativity, new skills and relaxation await you.
Our classes are taught by experienced teachers who will inspire you, engross you in the process and teach you new things.
Finished products can be picked up at the studio after firing. 
Make usable tableware or clay sculptures in just 1 lesson. Create a mug, bowl, candle holder, vase or plate of your own design.

One-time pottery class

If you have a company of more than 5 people, we will offer you private ceramic class in downtown Brooklyn.

Fun ceramic class in downtown Brooklyn

What awaits you at the pottery class?
  • Relaxed atmosphere and rest from the hustle and bustle
    The opportunity to disconnect from important things and be with yourself.
  • New emotions at the level of sensations
    New sensations from working with clay and the opportunity to create unique dishes at the modeling ceramic class in downtown Brooklyn!
  • Products for memory
    All the products that you will create at the pottery master class, you can take home and use in everyday life.
  • Leisure and impressions
    New acquaintances, keepsake photos and interesting conversations.
Welcome to ceramic class in downtown Brooklyn
Celebrate your celebration in an unusual way!

Fin and cool pottery class in downtown Brooklyn

Try something really unusual!
How is the celebration going at the pottery studio
Gathering of guests
 You can decorate the studio. Preparing the studio for the holiday! There is a meeting of guests!
The theoretical part
We will tell you about the stages that the product goes through from a lump of clay to a functional object.
Let's tell you about the techniques of working with clay
We begin to sculpt or create products on a potter's wheel. We help to create a form and decorate the product.
It's time to celebrate.
After all the guests have made their clay masterpieces. It's time to celebrate! There's a cake!

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