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Dreaming of a new hobby? Aspiring to become a ceramics? Eager to earn by selling your own pottery? We can teach anyone to create unique items from clay with their own hands! You will go through the process from a lump of clay to a finished masterpiece. For those who want to try pottery, sculpting, glazing, and learn everything about clay! In small groups, you'll be taught one of the first crafts mastered by humanity. Discover an incredibly fascinating hobby. Welcome to best pottery courses in NYC!
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Falling in love with clay? Continue your journey in pottery: Our subscription is your key to a month of creativity at just

$480 $320

Upgrade your artistry with four classes for just $80 each (reg. price $120). Save $40 on every class, investing in both learning and the art you'll create.

4 classes for $320 - the subscription is valid for 1 month.


4 classes for $450 - the subscription is valid for 6 months.

In order to use studio time, you need

to take a one-time class with our instructor beforehand

If you are looking to expand your craft skills and learn how to make pottery, then you should consider a pottery space in a workshop. In a workshop, you will have access to a pottery wheel, which is the main tool used to create pottery.

40 $ for 2 hours of rent of a place (up to 2 pounds of clay)


60 $ for 4 hours of rent of a place (up to 2 pounds of clay)

  • Classes in groups of up to 6 people
  • Fun 8 lessons in the center of NYС
  • Convenient schedule and location
  • The course is led skilled professional
  • As a result - diverse ceramic pieces
  • Certificate of completion of the course


790$ per person for the full course

Welcome to pottery courses in NYC:

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Affordable pottery courses in New York:

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STARTING FROM 01/03/2024

1-6 classes of 2 hours

7-8 classes of 4 hours

2 times a week:

MON, WED 19:00-22:00

(Evening group)

📌 1026 6th Ave, New York, NY 10018


STARTING FROM 02/05/2024

1-6 classes of 2 hours

7-8 classes of 4 hours

2 times a week:

MON, WED 19:00-22:00

(Evening group)

📌 1026 6th Ave, New York, NY 10018

If you missed a lesson, it's okay. You can attend the missed class in the next course. For example: you missed class №3 in August, you can attend the same class in September.

The cost of a pottery course in NEW YORK



790 $ per person for the full course
  • 1 Class: Mastering Basic Shapes

    Let's start with the fundamentals! In this class, you'll learn the art of wedging and reclaiming clay, followed by an exciting introduction to wheel throwing. We'll guide you through the process of centering the clay and crafting simple yet beautiful shapes like bowls, cups, and small pots.

  • 2 Class: Nerikomi and Neriyagi

    Unleash your creativity with stains and engobes! Discover how to mix engobes and create your very own custom clay colors by adding pigments to white clay. You'll then take to the wheel to shape your masterpiece and trim it to reveal a captivating pattern.

  • 3 Class: Hand Building

    Experience the joy of hand building! During this class, you'll craft two distinctive bowls using the pinch pot technique, resulting in uniquely organic designs. Additionally, you'll explore the art of coil building to create another stunning bowl.

  • 4 Class: Craft Your Mug

    Take your pottery skills further as you create a charming mug and saucer on the wheel. You'll also learn the art of trimming the bottom to achieve a professional finish. We'll then head to the table where you'll learn how to pull a handle for your mug and add personal decorations of your choice.

  • 5 Class: Slab Building Vase

    Time to explore a new hand building technique - slab building! We'll work with clay slabs, skillfully attaching them to create the vase shape you envision.

  • 6 Class: Lids

    Elevate your wheel throwing skills in this exciting class. You'll master the art of throwing a jar and crafting a perfectly fitting lid. As an extra touch, we'll introduce you to pigmented slip - engobes - to add a splash of color to your creation.

  • 7 Class: The Teapot

    Get ready for the ultimate challenge! In this class, we'll bring together all the techniques learned throughout the course to create one of the most intricate forms in ceramics - the teapot! You'll learn the secrets of designing the perfect teapot architecture and gain valuable tips on preventing water drips from the spout.

  • 8 Class: Glazing

    Welcome to the world of glazes! This class is all about experimenting with different glazing techniques, discovering their components, and exploring exciting combinations. From dipping to pouring, brush glazing to the unique bubble glaze painting technique, you'll have the opportunity to glaze all the items you've crafted in previous sessions.

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